Volunteer with WFSU

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Volunteering During On-air Fundraising Drives

Three times a year (in winter, spring, and fall), WFSU-FM holds live radio fundraising drives. These drives help us gather the contributions WFSU needs to keep our wonderful radio programs on the air. During these drives, WFSU relies heavily on the help of volunteers and restaurant partners.

As a volunteer, you can donate your time as an individual, or you can represent a group or a cause. If you belong to a group or business, WFSU recognizes your organization name on air to thank you for your volunteer time. It's a great way to get your name heard by our 66,000+ listeners. If you belong to a group (whether it's a business or an academic, social, or community-service based organization), WFSU would love to help coordinate members of your group to volunteer together. It's a comfortable, casual, indoor environment.

Additionally, local restaurants and caterers generously donate food for the WFSU Radio fundraising drives. The donated food feeds the volunteers who come in to answer the phones and go on air to discuss why they love public radio. In exchange for providing food, each vendor receives many on-air mentions throughout the day of the donation, usually once an hour.

Contact Information

If you are interested in volunteering for on-air fundraising drives, please contact WFSU Membership at 850-645-6070 or