Statewide Sponsorship

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Florida Public Broadcasting Service, Inc. is the association for all public radio and television stations in the state of Florida. For over 40 years, this association of Florida stations has worked with state agencies to deliver classroom materials, train teachers and utilize our joint radio network for emergency evacuation operations.

In the interest of building a more efficient marketing system, the stations have developed and operate a central office where sponsors can obtain local rates, station demographics, and tailor schedules through a single site. In other shopping.

Radio has become an important player in the promotion of nationally prominent brands. But the role of radio is even more crucial in the branding of local companies and products. Radio has the ability to create top-of-mind awareness, and elevate the recognition level of virtually any advertiser - whether they're known on Wall Street or located on Main Street.

PBS program sponsorship is recognized by corporate leaders as an effective communications tool, bringing value to companies and their employees and special acknowledgement and appreciation from customers and PBS viewers like you.

Your on-air message will provide your company with a dynamic new venue through which you can promote your products and services to millions of listeners each week!


  • 5 million households.
  • over 14 million people.
  • with extended reach into neighboring states.

Your presence on public media offers your company a corporate image maker's paradise with

  • high visibility to an audience with discretionary dollars.
  • an uncluttered media environment.
  • an association with the corporate best.
  • a message that you care about your community.

Our audiences are

  • college educated.
  • earn over $40,000 per year.
  • almost 60% are business professionals, managers or owners.

Statewide messages may be adapted from your existing commercial spots or we can create a message for you to include a description of your business, target markets, product lines or services, a fully animated treatment of your logo, musical signature and slogan.

Statewide underwriting opportunities through FPB, Inc. include the following entites.
Public Television
WFSU/WFSG Tallahassee/Panama City
WEFS Cocoa
WGCU Fort Myers/Naples
WDSC Daytona Beach
WUFT Gainesville
WJCT Jacksonville
WLRN Miami
WUCF Orlando
WSRE Pensacola
WEDU Tampa
WXEL West Palm Beach
WPBT Miami
Public Radio
WFSU/WFSQ Tallahasee
WGCU Fort Meyers/Naples
WQCS Fort Pierce
WUFT Gainesville
WJCT Jacksonville
WLRN Miami
WMFE Orlando
WFSW Panama City
WKGC Panama City
WUWF Pensacola
WUSF Tampa
WFIT Melbourne
WSMR Sarasota
WMNF Tampa

It is not required to run a quarterly schedule or run spots on all stations; FPB can tailor a schedule to meet your marketing needs. Your organization can select "run of schedule" or target news/documentary, children's programming, arts and culture and more!

For more information, or to become a corporate underwriter, contact Crystal Cumbo at 850-645-6047 or